Our supply side partner program solution is uniquely designed to ensure that all suppliers and vendors are paid within days of the billing period rather than in months. It is designed to mitigate the risk associated with extending credit to contractors and subcontractors on commercial construction projects.

How It Works

We have teamed up with suppliers & vendors across the nation to provide a no fee solution to alleviate credit risk and reduce delinquent customer receivables. The Vendor Pay Direct partner refers a delinquent or slow paying or high credit risk customer to FK Construction Funding. We then contact the customer, assesses their financial situation and provide them with financing options:

Option One: 
Our Rapid Response Portal renders a decision within minutes, once approved, and accepted the vendor partner obligation is paid off in full.

Option Two: 
We provide our Cash Management & Funds Control services which ensures that suppliers & vendors are paid within days (not months).


Intro to FK Construction Funding Programs

The Vendor Pay Direct Program is a no fee job financing solution and collection tool that reduces delinquencies, credit holds and charge offs and makes the supplier the primary obligation. Added benefits for Vendor Pay Direct partners include;

  • Reduce credit risk
  • Stop turning away credit applicants
  • Improve your own cash flow
  • Re-establish relationships
  • Get paid in DAYS….not months!

Advanced Funding Program

Why Suppliers Partner with Us

  1. Quick payments…No more waiting to be paid!
  2. A Notice to Owner is filed on all projects we are financing. This process informs the owner that subs, suppliers and vendors are providing material and/or services on the project and preserves the right to file a lien in the unlikely event it came to that. This protects YOU!
  3. The owner, general contractor and/or developer are served under UCC Article 9-406 with a Notice of Assignment informing them that all payments associated with the sub we are funding must legally come to us for proper disbursement. This protects YOU!
  4.  The added protection and convenience of knowing that we will find you every month seeking a conditional release in exchange for payment. In order to protect our own investment we need to protect you first! When we are funding a project you will not have to chase money every month, we will come to you.


FK Construction Funding provides A-Z cash management, funds control and risk mitigation solutions that are custom tailored to the commercial construction industry. In addition to our cash management services of advancing funds to subs, suppliers & vendors we ensure that the suppliers and vendors are paid with each advance.

If you are interested in our services, please call (833) 352-3863 Option 1 or click the Get Started button.

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