CORAL SPRINGS, Fla.Sept. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As the rebuilding efforts begin in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, two finance companies with offices in New York and Florida team up to provide desperately needed cash for all aspects of the construction industry.

The FK Construction Funding & Corporate Capital Direct team is providing project financing for construction related projects. Products include mobilization funding to kick off a job, cash to make payroll, and they will pay the suppliers once the job is underway. Supplier credit lines are also established through the guaranteeing of payments.

The Cash Management and Funds Control program ensures that everyone that is supposed to get paid get paid, while Vendor Pay Direct™ makes it faster and easier to manage supply side issues brought on by cash flow issues. This program helps with short or long-terms cash infusion ranging from $5,000 to $500,000 at acceptable terms. In most cases, the business can get funded in as little as 24-48 hours.

By utilizing our services, our clients are able to maintain continued purchasing cycles instead of ending up in an uncomfortable collection problem brought on by cash flow strain. In addition, Corporate Capital Direct has designated programs that help with payroll shortfalls, inventory purchases, as well as, equipment needs.

Frank Skelly who heads up FK Construction Funding said; Lucrative contracts will be awarded, crews will be mobilized, equipment readied, material lists made but then reality will set in… a shortage of cash. What most people outside the business don’t realize is the little guy carries most of the financial burden in the construction industry. That’s just how it is…. we offer a solution.”

Robert Denton founder of Corporate Capital Direct went on to say “Contractors, subs and vendors often wait months for payment to show up, we see it all the time. Opportunities are missed, contracts are forfeited, relationships are damaged and it all comes back to the cash flow crunch that plagues this industry. Basically, we level the playing field for these guys.”

Construction contractors and subcontractors who have been able to secure new construction projects, but need a cash infusion to get started, or who are waiting to pay their vendors and employees until they receive final payment, should call FK Construction Funding and Corporate Capital Direct. In most cases, these projects can be funded in as little as 48 hours.

FK Construction Funding, a division of FACTOR KING® provides cash management and funds control solutions that are custom tailored to the construction industry. In addition to the traditional cash management services of advancing funds, FK Construction Funding will pay all of your suppliers, vendors and sub-subcontractors via joint check and forward the balance to you for payroll or other operating expenses.

With over 25 years as a funding partner, Corporate Capital Direct, LLC has a suite of lending solutions to help business owners with mobilization capital, revolving lines, and equipment finance.

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SOURCE Corporate Capital Direct, LLC; FK Construction Funding