We understand that there is a lot to consider when deciding whether or not to finance your projects. Our Managing Director, Frank Skelly has answered many of the questions that come up the most in his experience. Click the image to the right to watch the answers to these often asked questions.

Payment Assurance Program

General Contractors

General Contractors

How It Works

The FK Construction Funding Payment Assurance Program for GENERAL CONTRACTORS was specifically designed to help mitigate the risk of delays, work stoppages, lawsuits and mechanics liens resulting from underfunded subcontractors, unpaid suppliers and workers.

Whether you are a well-established larger general contractor or a smaller contractor you will benefit from our Payment Assurance Program. Contractors are uniquely situated to use our program to achieve a variety of results.

Established Contractors

Our program is a bonding alternative that will let you use the team of subs you want, regardless of their creditworthiness or ability secure a bond. Your subs and their suppliers & vendors will all be paid promptly (usually within 1-2 business days of receiving an approved pay application).

Smaller Contractors

Our program will help you win larger projects and more importantly allow you to complete larger projects in a timely fashion. Likewise, it will allow you to pay all your subs, suppliers and vendors promptly (usually within 1-2 days of receiving an approved pay application).

Our Services Include

  • Paying subs, suppliers & vendors
  • Paying union dues & insurance premiums
  • Collecting lien waivers
  • Providing funds for payroll
  • Collecting required documents w/ each pay app
  • Monitoring subs for liens, judgments, bankruptcies, corporate status, UCC filings, name changes, defaults and IRS 940’s.

Payment Verification Request- FAQ’s

Am I legally required to reply to this email with the word “agreed”?

No, you are not legally required to reply to this email with the word “agreed”, unfortunately, however, absent your reply we will be unable to advance funds to your subcontractor or vendor.

How does replying to this email benefit me?

You get the benefit of paying your subcontractor or vendor in the normal course of business and your subcontractor or vendor gets the benefit of improved cash flow. In turn the improved cash flow helps ensure that suppliers & vendors are paid promptly which keeps your job running smoothly.

Why does my vendor or subcontractor need funds advanced by you?

Subcontractors and vendors that are experiencing strong growth typically retain FK Construction Funding to provide our Cash Management & Funds Control Services which gives them instant access to capital when they need it most. Funds are used for a number of reasons such as to pay for material, make payroll, and pay their own subcontractors, suppliers and vendors working on your project.

The credit lines you enjoy with your SSV’s will still be available for your use on non-financed projects however on financed projects it is required that we receive proof that all the SSV’s have been paid prior to funding.

When should I “agree” to this email?

You should agree to this email only when you are satisfied with the work performed and/or the services provided by your subcontractor or vendor.

Should I reply with a corrected amount due if it is inaccurate?

Yes, we rely on you to reply with a corrected amount due so your response accurately reflects the current pay application(s) and/or invoice(s) that you have accepted from your subcontractor or vendor. This will allow us to advance the correct amount of funds to your subcontractor or vendor, which in turn will correctly reflect the amount you will be required to pay.

Does this effect my agreement with my subcontractor or vendor?

No, your agreement with your subcontractor or vendor remains in full force and effect. You stay in complete control, only approving what you want, when you want.

I still have questions, whom do I call?

Feel free to reach out to our Construction Finance Department with any questions or concerns that you may have. Call 800 918-7830 today!

FK Construction Funding provides A-Z cash management, funds control and risk mitigation solutions that are custom tailored to the commercial construction industry. In addition to our cash management services of advancing funds to subs, suppliers & vendors, we will arrange for credit reference letters, mobilization funding, suppliers & vendors credit lines, material deposits, insurance premium payments, union dues and cash for payroll and other operating expenses.

We have financed projects all over the US that range from $100,000 to $20,000,000.00. We can set up your subcontractors & suppliers in less than a week. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you a dime…the cost is passed onto subs & suppliers in exchange for early payment.

Let’s discuss…I assure you that you will come away from the call with a new perspective on managing risk and financing current or future projects.

If you are interested in our services, please call (833) 352-3863 Option 1 or click the Get Started button.


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