Our cash management services of advancing funds to subcontractors against completed work, FK Construction Funding will pay all of the subcontractor’s suppliers and sub-subcontractors via joint check and advance only the remaining balance to the subcontractor.


The service allows the General Contractor to have all lower tier lienors and supplier releases prior to making payment and the peace of mind knowing the subcontractor is able to make weekly payroll not to mention keep the job on schedule thereby preventing delays. Worrying about potential liens and waiting around for releases will no longer be the burden of the General Contractor or the Owner. Prior to making any advances to the subcontractor, FK Construction Funding will ensure that the payment applications to the General Contractor are accompanied by any required documentation such as proof of insurance, certified payroll, notarized affidavits and partial and/or final releases.

Intro to FK Construction Funding Programs


   FK Construction Funding also monitors the following:

  • Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments provided by LEXIS NEXIS®.
  • Business Owner/Principals Profile provided by EXPERIAN®.
  • Company Profile Report provided by DUN & BRADSTREET®.
  • Significant corporate changes or events reported by DUN & BRADSTREET®.
  • Internal Revenue Service monitored by FK CONSTRUCTION FUNDING.
  • Accounts receivable & accounts payable reports.
  • Corporate monitoring by DILIGENCE® that includes secretary of state, state & federal tax liens, defaults, 
corporate status & entity monitoring, name change and UCC filings.

Common Surety Requirements

  • Strict company & personal underwriting guidelines
  • High personal credit score
  • Pledge personal assets
  • Limits & controls placed on sale of personal assets
  • Cash reserves
  • Personal performance guaranty
  • Onerous accounting bookkeeping requirements
  • Full financial disclosure (business & personal)

At FK Construction Funding credit decisions are based on the project and the credit strength of the owner or general contractor. We do not require any of the 8 most common requirements to secure a bond.

Banks & Lenders

How It Works


The General Contractor can either require that their subcontractors use FK CONSTRUCTION FUNDING as an alternative to bonding if for example a subcontractor doesn’t qualify or its cost prohibitive or the General Contractor can simply suggest FK CONSTRUCTION FUNDING as a cash flow solution that will also provide major benefits to the General Contractor.

Funding for Business Owners


All of this is administered at no cost to the General Contractor:

  • FK Construction Funding advances cash to ensure payroll is made, suppliers are paid and the job is not delayed.
  • FK Construction Funding pays the subcontractor’s suppliers and sub-subcontractors directly and secures releases.
  • FK Construction Funding maintains a complete credit profile on all subcontractors.
  • FK Construction Funding monitors certain contract requirements.
  • FK Construction Funding enforces the General Contractor’s payment application requirements.
  • FK Construction Funding allows the General Contractor to remain in complete control.
  • FK Construction Funding monitors all subcontractors for liens, judgments, bankruptcies, corporate status, UCC filings, name change, defaults, IRS 940’s etc.

While surety bonds and insurance products such as Subguard® offer valuable protection, the reality is once you need them the subcontractor (and possibly the job) are already in trouble. FK Construction Funding Cash Management, Funds Control Program & Risk Mitigation Services insure the suppliers & vendors are paid, payroll is maintained, and the subcontractor is properly funded.

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