FK Construction Funding is a cash management and funds control company that  provides monitoring, compliance and risk mitigation services for owners, general contractors and qualifying sub contractors. We founded the program on the idea that liability on construction projects is greatly diminished when there is transparency and collaboration among all participants, including owners, general contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, suppliers and vendors.

This philosophy has been the guiding force in designing effective solutions that involve monitoring all aspects of the project’s finances and mitigating the related risk by identifying project related liabilities through our proprietary Payment Assurance Program. The program enables the general contractor’s subcontractors to increase efficiency, alleviate back office demands and control costs by closely monitoring the projects balance sheet. The result is a seamless and automated process that mitigates risk, reduces cost, and improves cash flow.

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General Contractor


Suppliers and Vendors



  • Collect all required documents to limit the risk of unnecessary delays

  • Arrange for supplier and vendor credit lines to ensure the project stays on schedule

  • Pay subs, suppliers, vendors, payroll, union dues and insurance/bond premiums

  • Provide credit reference letters to help facilitate our client’s growth

  • Monitor subcontractors for liens, judgements, bankruptcies and corporate status

  • Also monitor UCC filings, credit defaults, IRS 940/941’s, license & insurance expirations

“When suppliers and vendors are not paid the result is job stoppages and delays. Our program was designed to help mitigate the risk of delays, stoppages, lawsuits and mechanics liens. THE MOST COMMON PROBLEM PLAGUING CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS IS PEOPLE NOT BEING PAID ON TIME.”

– Frank Skelly, President FK Construction Funding

We protect our clients

PRIOR to the release of funds every sub, supplier and vendor lien release is secured and every item on our control checklist is verified.

Project funds will only be released with GC and/or Owner approval and will not be diverted or comingled with other projects.

The release of profit and overhead is strictly controlled, frontloading is avoided and cost overruns are promptly highlighted.

No More Delays • Job Stoppages • Lawsuits • Mechanics Liens

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