Take Control of Your Commercial Construction Project TODAY!

“Construction projects are an orchestra of stakeholders, and the GC is the conductor, when one or many subcontractors are pinched for cash, it can throw the whole piece out of tune.”

– Scott Wolfe, CEO of Levelset


The FKC Project Calculator is our #1 resource for prospective clients. Let us help you determine your cash needs on your next project. Simply plug in your details and it handles the rest.


We provide cash management, funds control and risk mitigation solutions for the commercial construction industry. We have funded over 500 jobs nationwide ranging from $100,000 up to $20,000,000.


Once we receive your Quick Application and Construction Job Profile we can get you and your project qualified within 24 hours, and we can start disbursing funds in under a week.




“When a subcontractor defaults on its financial obligations, the GC is ultimately responsible, and this added risk is something GCs don’t want to take on.”

-Hozefa Mogul, Director of Procurement, CS Energy

“We could have never done it without them, I don’t know if we’d even be around if not for them.”

– John Bianchi, CEO of AMP’s Electric

FK Construction Funding has partnered with Billd to offer contractors extended payment terms on material purchases. Get up to 120-day terms on material purchases for commercial jobs. Quick enrollment and same-day funding.