Introducing Boards, Notes, and Highlights


Feedly is home to a vibrant community of experts, students, and trailblazers. We all have our own reasons for reading what we do. Maybe you want to gain a deeper understanding of a topic, or discover something new.

Whatever your motivation, the power of information lies in your ability to harness it. Today we are sharing three new features we hope will make your Feedly experience even better: Boards, notes, and highlights.

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to using Boards. Or watch this replay of a live demo announcing Boards:


With our vibrant community in mind, we set out to build new features that would make it easier and more meaningful to read in Feedly.

As you save more articles, your Boards become libraries of high-value content. Everyone can create new Personal Boards. Feedly Teams users will see separate lists in the left navigation for Personal and Team Boards.

Feedly is turning its reader into a powerful knowledge board creation tool Sarah Perez, TechCrunch (@sarahintampa)

How to Save an Article to a Board

Boards are for saving and organizing articles. All Feedly plans (Basic, Pro, and Teams) can save articles.

Click on the star   on any article to save it. If this is your first time using Boards, we will ask you to create one.

When it comes to naming your Boards, try to keep a singular focus. This will keep you organized by your specific projects, clients, brands you monitor, or other important tasks.

Save a single article to multiple Boards. In the example above, a piece about marketing tactics is saved to both the “Marketing & Growth” and “Social Media” Boards.

Want to get started right now? Here are 8 ways to use Boards to streamline your curation process.

Adding Notes & Highlights

Imagine you’re reading and a phrase sparks an idea about a client or a business opportunity. Feedly Pro and Teams users can enrich articles using notes and highlights.

If you are part of a Feedly Teams plan, your teammates will be able to read your notes and add their own.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding notes without missing a beat.

Your note appears at the top of the article, where you can edit it or add another note right below it.

Highlight the most important passages to make it easy for your colleagues and other executives to scan. Since articles saved to Boards never expire, you’ll be able to revisit these notes and highlights in the future.

Shared Team Boards

We’ve seen that active knowledge sharing can drive tons of value for your team. By creating shared Team Boards, you have a central place to store those gems you find and see what your teammates have saved.

Say goodbye to clunky email chains and spreadsheets. With Team Boards you have the additional option of sending email roundups to teammates as well as executives outside your team and even external clients. Read more about the benefits of Feedly Teams.

To help you get started, we reviewed the Boards of some of the smartest industry analysts, researchers, and marketers. Here are some of their best practices that might inspire you: 7 Great Board Examples.

Turn your Team Boards into newsletters. It’s a great way to keep up with fast-changing industry trends as a team.

Save From Anywhere

Easily switch between devices. The Feedly mobile apps (for iPhone or Android) keep your content synced in real time.

You can save content while browsing the web on desktop or mobile. Add the Feedly browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and you can save any article in just two clicks. When you go back to your Boards on Feedly, the article will be right where you saved it.

This Medium post is now saved to my “Entrepreneurship” Board in Feedly.

Now it’s your turn…

What Will You Save?


Q: How do I get my team started on Feedly?

Start a one-month free trial and invite as many teammates as you like. With Boards, you and your team can stay ahead of changes in your market, move faster than competitors, and plug knowledge gaps in your organization. We’re happy to work with your team through the one-month free trial and beyond.

Among the team here at Feedly, we use Boards every day to track mentions of our brand and share articles on topics such as machine learning, sales, and company culture.

Q: Can I save to Boards on my phone?

Yes. You can read, save, and share on mobile and desktop. If you’re reading on the Feedly mobile app, tap the   icon to save. You’ll be able to save the current article to one or more of your Personal and Team Boards.

Don’t forget there are 5 easy ways to save to Boards!

Q: Can I add notes and highlights on my phone?

Yes, Feedly Pro and Teams users can use all the same features on mobile.

Q: Can I keep using Read Later?

Yes. Read Later is still there. You can save articles to Boards and Read Later for an even more customized Feedly.

Q: How are Boards different from tags?

We heard from users that it would be useful to be able to privately share content with teammates. Boards felt more like a central hub with shared access to allow for team curation. Tags didn’t meet the needs communicated to us by the Feedly community. Given that this is an area where we are going to invest a lot, we decided to change the terminology to have the right foundation in place.

If you were using tags, all of your tags and the content associated with them are available as private personal Boards.

Q: How do I rename a Board?

When you are looking at one of your Boards, click on the […] button and go to Settings. There you can change the Board name.

Q: How many Boards can I create?

Feedly Pro and Teams accounts have unlimited Boards. Basic accounts can create up to 3 Boards. Feedly is proud to be supported by subscriptions to our premium feature set. Compare the different features here.

Q: Is there a tutorial for adding notes and highlights?

Yes, here is a step-by-step guide to adding notes. And you can see how to create highlights here.

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Meet Shared Collections: Now you can choose to share what you read with others


Try Shared Collections NowRead Tutorial

At feedly, we believe at our core that knowledge is power, and thus content is empowering—and even more so when you share it!

So we are excited to introduce today a new feedly Pro feature we call Shared Collections—a new and highly requested tool that lets you choose to share what you read with your teammates, colleagues, and followings.

With Shared Collections, you can take the collections of reading sources you’ve already created—or create a new collection for the purpose of sharing—and make them public on one shared collections page dedicated just for you or your team. This Shared Collection page will showcase all of the blogs, publications, YouTube feeds, and Google News Alerts you want to showcase and make it easy for other people to follow the same sources with just a click. It’ll also allow you to create a personalized URL for your Shared Collections (nab the one you want today!).

Take that Shared Collections page and use it to collaborate with others or to show the world what feeds your mind. You can even customize it to fit your company’s identity or your personal brand.

Screenshot 2015-09-01 08.15.18

Shared Collections is completely opt-in. All of your collections default to private, so you can make use of this feature only if you want to. When you are ready to share, turn on the collections you want public and keep your personal collections private.

See Shared Collections in action.

See how ThoughtWorks, a consulting agency in San Francisco, has been using Shared Collections to collaborate across their organization and to scale their content marketing efforts:

Here are a few ways you can use your Shared Collections:

Help your organization all follow the same publications, blogs, YouTube feeds, and Google Alerts. Empower your workforce to read and share.

Lead your industry by curating and sharing a rich list of must-follow reads. Lead others by showing them the important sources in your industry and move everyone forward together.

Help your teammates and peers find the best publications, blogs, YouTube feeds, and Google Alerts to do their jobs and join the conversation. Keep your teammates informed, moving in the same direction, and inspired with new ideas.

Make it easy to promote your company or agency’s thought leadership by putting all of your employees’ blogs and social media in one easy-to-follow branded page. Provide your customers, clients, social media following, and observers with a one-stop shop to find all of the resources created by your company. Perfect for any company in content marketing or with an employee social media program.

Organize your social media curation efforts by getting your team organized with the same sources. Need to feed the Content Monster? Arm your social media team with lots of publications and blogs to find entertaining posts.

Looking for some inspiration? Go to to browse other people’s Collections. Here are just a few we love:

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.33.19 AM
Guy Kawasaki’s Shared Collection page – See how he feeds his social media channels, i.e. “The Content Monster.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.35.04 AM
MIT’s Shared Collection page – Get all of MIT’s rich—and often free—resources in one place. Easily browse MIT’s feed by department and add their content to get the latest on what one of the world’s best universities is doing at the forefront of science and technology.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.36.14 AM
Seth Godin’s Shared Collection page – See what this marketing expert reads about marketing, so you can become an expert, too.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.38.36 AM
Annie Cushing’s Shared Collection page –  Annie, who is a data analytics and SEO expert, uses her Shared Collection page to share interesting sites on a daily basis to her friends and colleagues on social media.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.54.13 PM
ThoughtWorks’s Shared Collection page – As spotlighted in the video above, ThoughtWorks uses Shared Collections to provide clients resources, to boost internal collaboration and communication, and to stay connected to alumni.

Try Shared Collections NowRead Tutorial

Enjoy the feature! Please try it out and if you make a cool Shared Collection, share it with the feedly community in the comments below and we’ll spotlight our favorites. For more information on making the most of Shared Collections, you can check out the tutorial.

– Team feedly

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